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Sheila Powers

I was born and raised in a small community of the Barry's Bay and Wilno, Ontario area. The population of Wilno is approximately 400 and it is Canada's First Polish Settlement. In 1988, not having much to do in a small town, I moved 2 hours west to Ottawa, Ontario where I still reside today. Even as a young child I always had an interest in art work, more specifically painting. When I first started painting in 1999, many nights I'd realize it was almost dawn and I'd totally lost track of time. My earlier works are from that time period. I did many birds, wildlife, polar bears, etc. In the late summer and fall of 2014 I again picked up a brush as a form of therapy and haven't stopped since. My creations at this time were quite unique with bright folk art style scenes. I enjoy creating a painting that is not just glanced at, but one where the observer stops to enjoy it and take in all the details. When I first presented these paintings to a gallery in my hometown they were very excited to have something different amongst their works. For the first time I decided to share my work and offer it for sale. From thereon, I've painted homesteads, old schools, churches and areas of interest. I really find that through my paintings from my home town it has reconnected me with my roots and it's wonderful to sell someone a print or painting of their home or former homestead and see the excitement they exhibit from having found this treasure. I'm very pleased to continue feeling inspired and truly feel I have a special inspiration (my dad) helping me with this!